Safe Use of Sheep Dip

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Safe Use of Sheep Dip (0130-08) 

The assessment is divided into three units:
Unit 1 Initial Practical Assessment (compulsory)
Unit 2 Written Paper (compulsory)
Unit 3 Practical Dipping (optional)

Certificates of Competence will be awarded to candidates who meet the assessment requirements for Unit 1 and Unit 2

Unit Certification will be available for candidates who meet the assessment requirements of Unit 1 only and/or Unit 3.

Unit 1 Initial Practical Assessment is carried out on a one Candidate to one Assessor basis, using oral questions in the vicinity of a sheep dip.

Unit 2 Written Paper, involving the completion of a computer based multiple choice question paper, is an assessment of the fundamental job related knowledge which candidates are required to have in relation to the safe use of sheep dips before, during and after dipping.

In order to pass the assessment for the Unit 2 Written Paper, Candidates must obtain at least 32 marks out of the maximum 40 marks (80%). 

Unit 3 Practical Dipping is a practical assessment involving the dipping of sheep and the candidates ability to use, store and dispose of sheep dips safely. Candidates are actively encouraged to complete Unit 3 of the assessment although it is optional.

The appropriate Authorisation from the appropriate Agency must have been granted for the disposal of the sheep dip Assessment of Unit 1 and Unit 2 is available on a year round basis. Assessment of Unit 3 may only be undertaken during accepted dipping seasons. 

If you only require Unit 2, please contact us to arrange assessment.

Candidates must be a minimum age of 16 or over.

Learning Outcomes
The candidate will be able to:
a) Use a Sheep Dip Manufacturers Product Label/Data Sheet for essential reference.
b) Undertake an assessment of available sheep dip facilities and their operation to the agreed standards.
c) Operate within and comply with the relevant Legislative, Welfare, and Environmental requirements.
d) Select and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the tasks required.
e) Complete essential records accurately.
f) State the identified knowledge that underpins understanding of the control of common external parasites.
g) State the identified knowledge that underpins understanding and responsibilities of sheep diseases, use and disposal of sheep dip,
handling chemicals/COSHH, Health and Safety, environmental protection, and personal precautions

Additional Learning Outcomes applicable to Unit 3
h) The candidate will be able to:
i) Store sheep dip chemicals safely.
j) Prepare equipment and dip area following an acceptable procedure, add sheep dip chemicals, and work safely without risk to
themselves, other personnel, sheep and other livestock and the environment.
k) Carry out regular checks of equipment and quantity of diluted sheep dip chemicals.
l) Maintain dip in good condition, identify sheep to be dipped and dip sheep effectively, safely and humanely
m) Follow a safe disposal procedure for surplus concentrate and diluted sheep dip chemicals.
n) Carry out correct procedure for cleaning PPE and any used equipment which may have been contaminated with sheep dip chemicals.

For further information detailing the activities taken during the assessment of each unit please visit the NPTC Assessment Schedule (link opens in a new window).

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