Certificate in the Safe Use of Mowers (Including Pedestrain, ride-on and Tractor Mounted)

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Safe Use of Mowers (AMOW02)

This qualification will prove useful to the local authorities, public utility companies, golf clubs and other employers in these sectors to demonstrate operator competence. The use of a mower in public places is a considerable responsibility on the operator, the assessment places considerable emphasis on the operator and public safety.

The assessment covers mower operation, showing that the operator can manoeuvre the mower skilfully and safely. The test includes pre-use checks and maintenance, identification of controls and instruments, assessing the condition of grass and adjusting the mowers to achieve maximum efficiency.

Units of the qualification
Unit 1    Pre-use safety – mowers
Unit 2    Operate a mower

Learning outcomes:
-Legal and safety requirements
-Maintenance requirements and operational adjustments
-Factors affecting cutting patterns
-Factors affecting efficiency of cut, replace blades
-Safe driving techniques, clearing blockages
-Check free movement of working parts
-Ability to convert cutting mechanisms
-Check and adjust cutting heights and mechanisms  
-Daily maintenance routines, safety checks, pre-start checks, brake operation checks, inspection for serviceability
-Mow specified area, park mower safely
-Clean mower correctly  
-Inspect and identify defects
-Undertake end of season maintenance.

For further information detailing the activities taken during the assessment of each unit please visit the NPTC Assessment Schedule (link opens in a new window).

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