Certificate in Pig Husbandry

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Certificate of Competence in Pig Husbandry (100/5728/6)-Please give us a call to arrange your assessment.

The Certificates of Competence in Pig Husbandry are designed for those people tasked with providing care and management duties within the pig industry sector.

It is aimed at:
• School leavers seeking to have a career within the pig industry sector
• those wishing to enter and achieve career progression within the pig industry
• mature adults seeking a career change by joining the pig industry in various positions
• existing employees (either full or part time) seeking to achieve a nationally recognised qualification that reflects the role that they play in the provision of care and supervision for the pig industry

They are designed to certificate practical skills and underpinning knowledge that is relevant to the job role of a pig stockperson/supervisor within the modern pig industry. 

NB: Candidates should be a minimum age of 16 to undertake these qualifications

Qualification Structure
It is expected that skilled stockpersons who can operate largely unsupervised in the day-to-day conduct of operations on pig units, would hold the following two qualifications:
- Certificate of Competence in the Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines (pre-requisite)
- Certificate of Competence in Pig Husbandry Skills 

The Certificate of Competence in the Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines (100/2644/7) is a pre-requisite to certification of the Pig Husbandry Skills qualification. For the Certificate of Competence in Pig Husbandry Skills there are eight optional units. A minimum of three units must be achieved to obtain the Certificate of Competence.

The eight units have been grouped into three related sections:

Group A Breeding Herd Operations
Unit 1 Mating Management & Care of the Boar
Unit 2 The Care of Dry Sows & Gilts
Unit 3 Pig Farrowing House Operation and Care
Unit 4 Operation of an Outdoor Pig Farrowing Unit

Group B Weaner, Grower & Finishing Operations
Unit 5 The Care of Weaner and Grower Pigs
Unit 6 The Care of Finishing Pigs

Group C Mechanical Operations
Unit 7 Controlling the Environment of Pig Buildings
Unit 8 Spreading of FYM & Slurry for Pig Units

• Certificate will be endorsed: “(Breeding Herd Operations)” if at least two of the units achieved are from Group A.
• Certificate will be endorsed: “(Weaner, Grower & Finishing Operations)” if the candidate achieves the two units from Group B, plus one other unit.
• Certificate will receive no endorsement if one unit is achieved from each of Groups A, B & C or both units from group C and one other
• Candidates can complete further units and receive individual unit certification Guided Learning Hours: 24

Written tests
The underpinning knowledge will be assessed by multiple choice question papers (one for each unit). These will be externally marked and moderated by NPTC assessors and technical verifiers.

Observation of Practical Skills
All practical activities will be assessed by observation of practical performance. Candidates will be expected to undertake the practical activities under observation by our NPTC approved assessor. When undertaking practical assessments, the candidate must achieve the standard of best practice underpinned by safe working procedures.

For further information detailing the activities taken during the assessment of each unit please visit the NPTC Assessment Schedule (link opens in a new window).

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