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Certificate in Farm Maintenance (FM)
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This assessment is designed to established whether the candidate has reached the required standard in Farm Maintenance. To be assessed on individual units, please add specific units to your basket separately or purchase this assessment as whole qualification.

Mandatory Units
There are no mandatory units in this qualification

Optional Units
FM0101 - FENCING - Construct a section of strained post and wire fence
FM0102 - FENCING - Erect Post and Rail Fencing
FM0103 - FENCING - Construct an access device
FM0104 - FENCING - Construct a section of garden fence
FM0201 - Hedge Laying
FM0202 - Turf Hedging
FM0203 - Dry Stone Walling
FM0204 - Mechanical Hedge Trimming
FM03 - Drains or Ditches
FM04 - Farm Chain Saw
FM05 - Farm Joinery and Maintenance Work
FM06 - Care and Maintenance of Small Hand Tools
FM07 - Farm Brickwork or Concrete Blockwork
FM08 - Concreting
FM09 - Farm Water Supply

Candidates must be a minimum age of 16 or over.

For further information detailing the activities taken during the assessment of each unit please visit the NPTC Assessment Schedule (link opens in a new window).

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